Projects -MAS - Municipal Administration Software

MAS consisting of different software modules like Births & Deaths Registration, House Tax Collection, Lease Rent Collection, Trades and Occupation Licences and Receipts & Payments. It has been implemented in all the 14 Municipal Councils in Goa. MAS helps the Municipal Councils in providing better services to the public. MAS facilitates online registration of Births & Deaths, issuance of Births & Deaths Certificates across the counter, easy and faster collection of House Tax, Lease Rent, Trade Licence fee and Renewal of Licences. MAS helps in timely generation of Tax Bills, Demand and Warrant Notices and in efficient maintenance of Tax payer wise accounts. Since all the transactions are carried out online at any given time up-to-date status are available on various parameters. MAS also helps in periodical generation of various types of reports for effective and better administration. To meet the data security requirements, three supplementary software modules namely Counter Services, Data Modification and Super user are provided for secured data medications and house keeping activities. 

This system was developed with a view to ensure timely and easy access of data, offer better services to the citizen and to speed up the processes in the Municipal Councils. The following modules have been implemented:

  • Registration of Births & Deaths
  • House Tax Collection
  • Rent Collection
  • Trade Licenses and Signboards
  • Accounts
  • Counter Services

Impact of the Project

  • Citizens can get required Information instantaneously.
  • Improved G2C interface
  • Cordial G2C relationship
  • Co-operative, sincere & clean administration
  • Single window system to make all types of payments