Projects - VAT Soft 

VATSoft is an efficient and user-friendly application for the Commercial Tax Offices (CTO) in the state of Goa. This system is an excellent example of taking e-Governance to the business community. All the seven CTOs are interconnected with the Head Office through the statewide intranet GBBN (Goa Broad Band Network). 

The system developed and customized by NIC Goa, has the following features:

  • Automatic generation of TIN number.
  • VATSoft is Web enabled.
  • All statutory forms are bar coded. And can be read by barcode readers.
  • Notification to users on software updates is online.
  • Simplified process for transfer and cancellation of Registered Dealers.
  • Online payment through Cyber Treasury and Banks.
  • Dissemination of online information to the Enforcement Wing through VPN enabled Wireless network.

Some of the modules implemented are:

  • Registration
  • Tax Collection
  • E-Filing of returns
  • Assessment of dealers etc.
  • Automated SMS & email to dealers
  • Online Issue of tickets to Casino owners

With the introduction of the VATSoft system in May 2008, the objectives of providing clean administration of registration of dealers, better and efficient monitoring and collection of tax, online payment of tax have been met.

  • All Sales Tax ward offices are networked
  • Tax fraud & defaulters can be identified
  • Better service is provided through online transactions