Projects -File Management System 

The File Management System (FMS) is a web-based system, designed with the sole purpose of facilitating tracing of files and documents within a government department as well as between departments.

  • Every time a letter/ file is inwarded at the entry point in a government office, a unique number is generated.
  • This number is used to trace the movement of the letter/ file in the government department and also if it is marked outside the department to another department.

Some salient features of this system are:

  • Online help available.
  • The system has different roles for different categories of users such as central registry, sectional inward/outward, dealing hand, super user and administrator to cater to functional requirements of a department.
  • An exhaustive list of MIS reports is available for departmental use.
  • Letter/ file can be moved between departments seamlessly
  • Tracing mechanism is available.
  • One has to remember only the unique number generated at first entry point, in order to trace letter/ file.

FMS designed and developed by NIC, Goa was successfully implemented in the state Secretariat in September 2010. FMS is now being replicated and implemented in other departments. Till date more than 800 people from 20 departments have been trained in the use of FMS. This system available through the state Intranet GBBN is now being used by the departments to track their files.