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Accessibility Options

Accessibility Options

Changing the Text Size

Changing the size of the text refers to making the text appearing smaller or bigger from its standard size. There are five options provided to you to set the size of the text that affects the readability. These options are available right on the header section of the Home Page:

  • A+ : On clicking this icon page font size would increase to two levels. The % of increase can be customized through the Content Management System.
  • A : Displays information in a standard font size, which is the default size.
  • A- : On clicking this icon page font size would decrease to two levels. The % of decrease can be customized through the Content Management System.

Accessibility Features

  • Skip to Main Content: Quick access to the core content on the page is provided without going through repetitive navigation using the keyboard.
  • Skip to Navigation: Quick access to the Navigation pane is provided that enables accessing the different sections.
  • Accessibility Options: Option to change the size of the text is provided. A color blind or low vision person to access this Website,the text size change may be required to help browse through the pages. For example, one can use this option to increase the size of the text for clear visibility and better readability.
  • Titles: An appropriate name for each Web page is specified that helps you to understand the page content easily.
  • Consistent Navigation Mechanism: Consistent style of presentation throughout the Web site is incorporated.
  • Headings: The Web page content is organized using appropriate headings and subheadings that provide a readable structure. H1 indicates the main heading, whereas H2 indicates a subheading.
  • Alternate Text: Brief description of an image is provided for users with visual disability. If you are using a browser that supports only text or have turned off the image display, you can still know what the image is all about by reading the alternate text in absence of an image.

Screen Recognition

Following table lists the information about different speech recognition software:

Speech Recognition Software Website Free / Commercial
Dragon Naturally Speaking http://www.nuance.com/naturallyspeaking/products/ Commercial
Windows Speech Recognition in Windows Vista http://www.microsoft.com/enable/products/ Commercial
Speech Recognition in Windows 7 http://www.microsoft.com/enable/products/windows7/ Commercial
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